Enhancing the rights & wellbeing of youths from all communities & backgrounds

Alberta Community Togetherness Society

About Us

Alberta Community Togetherness Society, ACTS in short, is a non-profit organization that seeks to support Alberta youths by improving their socio-economic status and health outcomes through empowerment, advocacy, mental health and addictions support.


To reduce barriers of accessing mental health and addictions support and provide integrated solutions & supports to youths and their families. Our focus is on indigenous, ethno-cultural, marginalized, and low-income members of the community that face numerous inequalities of access to supports in their communities. ACTS seeks to provide youths with life skills support, addiction and mental illness treatment, academic support, respite care, crisis counselling as well as addressing any other social problems they may be experiencing.


Building a thriving community where no one is left behind. A community where the family structure is valued and each member can be supported to realize their fullest potential, engage in healing and wellness supports, cope with daily stresses and meaningfully contribute to their communities.


To provide, promote and facilitate responsive, community-based mental health and addictions support services and interventions for youths from racialized, ethnocultural and low-income backgrounds experiencing mental illness and addiction challenges. Fostering collaborative and person centred care, reducing barriers and providing solutions for building an equitable, integrated and socially cohesive society.

Core Values

Our seven Core Values are:

These are at the heart of everything we do.