About Us

Alberta Community Togetherness Society

A.C.T.S in short, is a Not For profit organization that seeks to support rural communities in Alberta by improving their status and health outcomes. We seek to provide various programs that will improve mental health status of our communities especially rural Alberta communities.


To provide, promote and facilitate responsive community based quality support services and interventions for people from racialized, ethnocultural and low-income individuals experiencing mental illness and addiction challenges, hence reducing barriers and providing solutions for building an equitable, Integrated and socially cohesive rural society


A thriving community where no one is left behind. A community where the family structure is valued and each member can realize their potential, cope with daily stresses, and meaningfully contribute to their communities. 

Core Values

  •  Preserving Dignity
  • Cultural Humility
  • Inclusion
  • Transparency
  • Community
  • Health & Wellness
  • Efficiency


Reduce barriers and provide intergrated solutions to enrich the life span of community individuals facing mental, physical  health challenges and addiction issues from Indigenous, ethno-cultural, marginalized and low-income mainstream communities including children, youth, adults, seniors, families and women by providing life skills support, addiction treatment, academic support and upkeep, respite care, crisis counselling as well as addressing any other social problems they maybe experiencing.


  • To enhance the rights of all people from all communities and ages with regards to women, seniors, diversity, gender equality, family status, ethnicity and background.
  • To address and prevent specific problems faced by community individuals and families experiencing mental health issues by providing parents, children, youth and seniors with online and offline educational programs (i.e. leadership, communication, etc.), mentoring programs, workshops, and seminars on various issues such as addiction, anger management, conflict resolution, effective communication, self-care, leadership, life skills, etc. thereby, enriching the lives of community individuals.
  • Advance education by providing supports such as evidence based treatment interventions, resources for developing mental health awareness, knowledge about addiction, selfcare, parenting, etc. to community individuals primarily youths.
  • To promote health and education by assisting community individuals identify specific help to encourage physical/mental wellness and overall health in a safe, comfortable and non judgemental environment as well as by heightening awareness, providing outreach programs and training for communities including police officers, teachers, social workers and crisis response workers to recognize and respond appropriately to people with mental health and addiction challenges including, but not limited to, behavioural, social, physical, communication and sexuality issues.
  • Reduce poverty by providing educational programs, life management counselling, addiction support and other supportive services to community individuals so that they are up-skilled, self-reliant and autonomous.
  • Reduce Poverty by selling products and services, raising money, accepting commu-nity donations, providing publications and engaging in legacy programs for the pur-pose of providing funding to enhance community individuals experiencing life and health challenges with sustainable treatment, counselling and support.
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