Fort McMurray Youth Treatment & Wellness Centre

  • A step down, transitional Treatment & Wellness center for 11-18 year olds
  • Structured and informal interventions within a less restrictive environment that provides person-centred care and facilitates recovery within a holistic model.
  • Support and treatment modalities: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, pharmacological interventions (patients will continue taking their medications as per their prescriptions and their physician will remain involved in their care)
  •  Art and animal therapy
  • On site greenhouse for outdoor gardening and agricultural activities
  • Treatment and support provided under two strands: Wellness and Life-skills
  • Our staffing consists of Wellness Coaches, Life-skills Coordinators, Registered Nurses, Academic coordinator
  • In-reach staff consist of: Psychologist, Psychiatrist and Volunteers for various therapies (art therapy, music, etc)
The centre will provide the following:
  •  CPA (Care Program Approach)- Have a 3 multidisciplinary meetings; the first within 7 days of being admitted at the Wellness Centre, the second a month after admission, and the last one prior to discharge
  •  Teach and model life-skills, support youths with cooking, meal planning, time management, problem solving, building healthy relationships, academic work
  • Yearly weekend summer camp/retreat under life-skills development
  • Plan and prepare meals in accordance with resident’s preferences in alignment with the Canada Food Guide
  • Maintain food inventory and kitchen supplies in adherence to the food budget.
  • Create life-skills learning opportunities with residents and Wellness team related to special wellness programming
  • Participate in doing laundry and house chores
  • Conducting weekly residence meetings with the AHS present to review progress of residents, changes in behaviour, and challenges that residents maybe experiencing
  • Collaboratively work with the AHS to ensure that identified goals and care plans still align between AHS and the ACTS Wellness Centre
  • Support youths to achieve their identified wellness goals
  • Develop positive relationships with the community
Transitional Care planning
  • 28 day outreach plan where an ACTS outreach worker will continue to support the client for 28 days after they are discharged
  • Academic coordinator to liaise with the school where the student will be going prior to discharge and make sure that transition from online learning is smooth and well coordinated
  • Apprentice program with local businesses for young people that would like to start work in various fields