Volunteer opportunities

If you are self-driven, passionate about serving the community and committed to making a positive difference in people’s lives, we would like to hear from you. We have great opportunities for you to join a team that is dedicated to serving and supporting our communities.

Services & Programs

Fort McMurray Youth Treatment & Wellness Centre (COMING SOON)

  •  An 8 bed Addictions and Mental Health Wellness & Treatment centre for 11-18 year olds
  • Structured and informal interventions within a less restrictive environment that provides person-centred care and facilitates recovery within a holistic model.
  • Support and treatment modalities: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, pharmacological interventions (patients will continue taking their medications as per their prescriptions and their physician will remain involved in their care)
  •  Art and animal therapy
  • On site greenhouse for outdoor gardening and agricultural activities
  • Treatment and support provided under two strands: Wellness and Life-skills
  • Our staffing consists of Wellness Coaches, Life-skills Coordinators, Registered Nurses, Academic coordinator
  • In-reach staff consist of: Psychologist, Psychiatrist and Volunteers for various therapies (art therapy, music, etc)
The centre will provide the following:
  •  CPA (Care Program Approach)- Have a 3 multidisciplinary meetings; the first within 7 days of being admitted at the Wellness Centre, the second a month after admission, and the last one prior to discharge
  •  Teach and model life-skills, support youths with cooking, meal planning, time management, problem solving, building healthy relationships, academic work
  • Yearly weekend summer camp/retreat under life-skills development
  • Plan and prepare meals in accordance with resident’s preferences in alignment with the Canada Food Guide
  • Maintain food inventory and kitchen supplies in adherence to the food budget.
  • Create life-skills learning opportunities with residents and Wellness team related to special wellness programming
  • Participate in doing laundry and house chores
  • Conducting weekly residence meetings with the AHS present to review progress of residents, changes in behaviour, and challenges that residents maybe experiencing
  • Collaboratively work with the AHS to ensure that identified goals and care plans still align between AHS and the ACTS Wellness Centre
  • Administer medication for all resident
  • Develop positive relationships with the community
Transitional Care planning
  • 28 day outreach plan where an ACTS outreach worker will continue to support the client for 28 days after they are discharged
  • Academic coordinator to liaise with the school where the student will be going prior to discharge and make sure that transition from online learning is smooth and well coordinated
  • Apprentice program with local businesses for young people that would like to start work in various fields


At ACTS we believe that nutrition and exercise play a key role in optimization of wellness. There are a lot of benefits from exercise and good nutrition and these include improving your mood, weight management and reducing susceptibility to certain illnesses. Paying attention to nutrition and fitness improves quality of life and at ACTS we believe that communities need to have access to such supports and this approach is another way of managing stress, curtailing boredom and improving relationships. Our in-house nutrition & fitness specialist is ready to provide this support including facilitating community exercise groups.


Navigating the system to get mental health and addictions support can be challenging and overwhelming. We are here to facilitate getting you connected to community resources and supports. Through partnership working, we will connect you with community resources and support you to access mental health and addictions services in an affordable manner.

ACTS Youth Network

We believe that youths are not leaders of tomorrow but are indeed leaders of today helping to shape both the present the the future. ACTS Youth Network is a forum where youths are able to discuss topics that concern them especially in relation to mental health and addictions challenges. The network aims to provide a safe space where youths can interact with others and share their experiences, formulate suggestions and influence change regarding treatment modalities and supports. At ACTS we believe that youths cannot be passive recipients of care and support but active participants that can contribute in building resilient communities.